Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pictorial of Fitness Model Teresa in Atlanta

Looking at the images of fitness model Teresa is a good reason to be motivated to stay fit and be healthy. You have read and heard plenty of facts about exercise and nutrition. We have to do something to look as good as she does in this photography. She works out six times a week. It sounds like a job but it is more of a lifestyle for good health. I hope these images will keep you on the right track. All the images were photographed in Atlanta, Georgia near the Atlanta Beltline trail which is located in the Northeast section of the city. The images you see were photographed under the Freedom Parkway. The graffiti in the area added an artful, multi-colored touch to the scenery in the concrete environment. It was the hope of this photography session share some motivational moments to inspire you to get fit.  By the way, Teresa is now a fitness competitor after losing fifty pounds. See more images at E37 Photography
Model: Teresa Fitness photography by E37 Photography

Model: Teresa Fitness photography by E37 Photography

Model: Teresa Fitness photography by E37 Photography

Model: Teresa Fitness photography by E37 Photography

Tutu in Park ~ Fairy Moments

Somethings work out for the best when you put your mind to it. I imagined a creative project which served to help two groups. I was approached by a parent who wanted a different  photography look for her daughter's modeling portfolio. I connected the mother with Tutus by Cheryl, a fashion designer who had recently contracted me to photograph the grand opening of her new store. I thought it would be a great idea to bring them together on a project. I visualized the thirteen year old young lady looking like a fairy in the garden. I described the colors for the tutu skirt to the designer which were pink, white, and cream. I visualized the colors making a nice contrast against the earthy environment of the natural green leaves, brown trees, bridges and gray stones along the pathways.

On the day of the shoot, I accidentally discovered a running stream near a creek with shallow water and rocks with mounds of green moss in the background. The location looked like a scene from the movie set of Alice in Wonderland. The model and I actually stood in the water to capture some images. The water was cool and the rocks were hard on my bare feet. This area was my favorite scene from the photography session. I also figured it to be the most difficult but the best of the other choices that were previous scouted. In the end, the mother and daughter had some unique images for their modeling portfolio. The tutu designer had an original skirt to showcase on the Internet and elsewhere. It served to be a great promotional piece to share with her customers on the before her grand opening. E37 Photography also had an opportunity to share some images. 
t was a win win situation all around. Now, it is your turn to view the scenes.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Body Painting and artwork at the Healium Center

Model Kate Marie and artwork on body and wall by Miguel Dominguez
The Healium Center is a pleasant and artistic place to visit in Atlanta, Georgia to enjoy art, music, food and most of all relaxation. They feature artwork of local artists. It is a place where you can create artwork of your own. I like to visit the place for all of the above but most of all I like to photograph body painting. This blog features Miguel Dominguez who had a large display of artwork on the walls of the center at the time of my visit. You can see his artwork along with the artwork he painted on the body of model Kate Marie. Kate is also an artist but in this instance she posed as a model. She held poses like a frozen ballerina statue. I have photographed her on several other occasions. Each time see looked different. She posed in front of Miguel's artwork and also in the room of Jim Peera, the founder  and director of the Healium Center. He is an artist too. Check out the small sculptures he displayed in the room where Kate posed. It was a pleasure to photograph the features of all the artists in this review. You can follow more of the body painted artwork photography at the website E37 Photography After reading this, I hope you will visit the Healium Center soon.

Kate Marie body painted by Miguel Domingue with artwork sculptures by Jim Peera
Kate Marie  body painted by Miguel Dominguez with artwork sculptures by Jim Peera

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Celeste Hunt Fitness Competitor from Atlanta, Georgia

I am way overdo from posting these images but I hope they will serve as an fitness inspiration for viewers. The featured person in this post is Celeste Hunt who is a 40 year old proud mother. The images you see were taken summer 2015 just before she won two trophies is a recent competition. She looked more defined afterwards with definition because she was in contest shape which meant she lost some additional fat to show more muscles. I am glad to present the images of her before contest time as you would normally see her in everyday situations still well toned with muscle but not in true contest shape. She had a beautiful personality and was fun to photograph. I also photographed some images with her son which made both of them look like the dynamic duo.

I decided on two locations which were all outdoors for the photography sessions. I wanted to display people in natural environments versus the typical gym routine look. We began in the morning in the downtown area of Hapeville, Georgia a small town located near the Hartsfield-Jackson airport which is just south of Atlanta, Georgia. You can see the train tracks in the middle of the downtown area which had tall crosswalks. It was challenge early to photograph with the sun reflecting the colors from the sportswear on their bodies. It was also necessary to position them in areas away from the bright sunlight to avoid eye blinks. We got it done. In one instances, the images displayed them doing push ups on the steps.

The next photography location took about twenty minutes of travel time but you will see it was worth the trip. We traveled to South Atlanta and arrived to see metal statues by Charlie Smith who created them for his trip to the Burning Man in the desert of Arizona which is an annual nationally known event. Before we photographed on and around the metal statues, Celeste saw piles of broken bricks near the area just sitting there to be used as a background. Celeste and son made the climb to the top for photography images.

Finally, we make it over to the metal artwork. The bronze brownish colors looked very rustic which made an excellent contrast against their blue clothing. Photographing two locations in one day with two clothes changes were accomplished. The images serve the purpose of promoting fitness. We hope you will visit us at E37 Photography website to see the other participants in the Fitness with a Flair section.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Fitness images of Teresa Snbf Fitness Competitor by E37 Photography Atlanta, Georgia

Teresa is our latest fitness subject in this blog. She came well prepared for this photography session. This was our first time meeting face to face in person. I saw several images of her on Facebook. I asked her if she would be interested in being featured in the fitness section of E37 Photography website. I decided to photograph her at the Historic Fourth Ward district in Atlanta. The area had a skateboard park and a nearby overpass shelter below the Freedom Parkway. The overpass had plenty of colorful graffiti painted on the floor, walls and poles. As mentioned, she was well prepared with different layered looks using a hoodie which had "REBEL" printed in black letters on a gray sleeveless sweatshirt. She wore black shorts with the purple colors on the side of her hips and pink sports shoes. To my surprise she also wore a black Victoria Secret sport set that displayed in white printed letters "Think Pink" We photographed with her different variations of clothing. She wore the hoodie on her head, over her shoulder and waved it in the air. Her black sports set look dazzling as she ran under the concrete bridge with confetti in the background. We spent most of photography time on the concrete floor and in front of the concrete partitions. This was a perfect area to photograph because of the overpass provided shade and consistent lighting conditions. Keep in mind we were in the middle of July where midday summer temperatures can climb pass the 90 degree mark. Fortunately, we agreed to photograph the session around 9am in the morning mainly to avoid high heat temperatures, hard intense light and shadow conditions.

With this in mind, we first photographed in the skateboard area in the open light. We had to compromise some of the posing at the site since there were skateboarders skating in the area. We did not want to disturb their routine skating habits. They gave us a little break by skating more to the advanced areas until we finished. I photographed Teresa laying on the concrete curve of the slope, at the top of the ramp of the skateboard floor with her head hanging over the curve with her hair flowing over which made a dramatic look. I also photographed the model on the side and the back of the skateboard ramp. To my blessing the concrete was painted in the purple and black colors matching her pants. There was large picture of an owl mural with brown feathers which was perfectly matched the brown and black colors of her hair. I hope you will enjoy the sample pics here. I added a link so you can enjoy more of the images captured. I had previously photographed gloAtl dance group about a year ago in this area so I had some idea about the scenery. The Northeast Atlanta Beltline trail runs parallel to the skateboard park and under the Freedom Parkway overpass. All of the elements in area created a scenic backdrop for the beautiful fitness model.

Click the website link above to see more images in our Fitness with a Flair section.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fashion and dance at Juneteenth celebration in the Westside of Atlanta, Georgia

The Juneteenth was annual event to celebrate black freedom and history. The festival sponsored a fashion show, and dancers that you see here in Mozley Park in the Westide of Atlanta. Plenty more music, entertainment plus more were around the park. Plenty of chances for great photography images.