Sunday, March 29, 2015

Body Painting From Atlanta,Georgia E37 Photography by Ralph Williams

E37 Photography is fortunate to work in Atlanta, Georgia where there are artists who body paint. Each year the Living Art America host the North American Championship in body painting. Some people call it Body Art. It is extreme make up from head to toe which take 5 hours or more to complete. Each artist selects their idea to paint on the models. They also add elaborate head pieces and other accessories to complete the theme of the art work. They are judge after they finished time sessions. When the models finally make their appearance on stage, they usually perform with some type of entertainment for a audience. For example, ballet, skateboarding, singing and other varieties of entertainment. The 2014 scenes were held at the Atlanta Train Depot. The Healium Center is a local art center for artist in Atlanta. During their studio session, you may visit a find someone being body painted. Atlanta along with other city also have different events that feature body painting. This photographer sought to capture new and creative art work as seen on the human body.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spectacular Dance Production, Lord Fight this Battle

Soaring IntoDestiny Playbyshandriasanchez, the people who created the Spectacular Dance Production, Lord Fight this Battle, CEO & Producer Shandria Sanchez introduced music, testimonies, and spiritual dances to this event. The performances pleased the audience who attended. 

 Colorful flags filled the stage and waived in unison.
 Actors used plenty face and body expressions.
 All photography images seen here were taken without flash. Dance,Dance
The show had live band music and plenty of colorful speakers

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Makings of An Investigative Journalist-Nefeteria Brewster Atlanta,Georgia

Nefeteria Brewster graduated from Lee University in 2012 receiving her bachelor of arts in communications, with an emphasis in journalism, and minors in religion and Asian studies. As an undergraduate she wrote for Lee University's award-winning student publication, the Clarion, and in June 2011 she worked as an intern writer for the Cleveland Daily Banner, in Cleveland, TN.

In September 2013 she began graduate courses in the United Kingdom at the University of Strathclyde where she worked side-by-side with professionals within the field of journalism. In August 2014 she completed a summer placement as an assistant editor and writer for the online publication By late August she completed her dissertation on the impact of whistle-blowing in the field of investigative journalism and on November 12, 2014 she received her masters of science in investigative journalism with merit.

Currently she is working as a freelancer in hopes of moving into a stable position as an investigative reporter.

Ms. Brewster contacted E37 Photography for photographic images to further her platform and career pursuits.
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Friday, March 20, 2015


Photography is an art in itself but is better when the goal was to capture other artists at work. This was the case when the photographer entered the Healium Center a unique place in Atlanta where people came to relax while participating in artwork, listening to music, eating and drinking or just admiring all the visual art showcased by local artists in Atlanta. The place was a visual feast in so many ways viewing all the artwork on the walls in the different rooms. On Wednesday they had Open Session Night. Lynn Cole assisted by Miguel Domingquez painted model Kate Marie. She is a creative artist too but on this night see posed as a model depicted as a doll like clown wearing ballet shoes. She is an excellent posers. It was a special treat to see her perform again. The photographer mixed in a little video this time to bring out some of the elements of the progress of body painting which normally takes 5 hours to complete. View more E37Photography images of this body painting art process.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2015 Red Dress Party to Benefit the American Heart Association E37 Photography by Ralph Williams

The 7th Annual Red Dress Party held in Greater Metro Atlanta, Georgia. The proceeds donated to benefit the American Heart Association. Guess what was the most popular color of the night? The attendees wore all sorts of red dresses and the men wore a accent of red with their main colors black and white. This was the photographer's visit attendance to this event. The photographer knew some familiar faces from members who attended the Winter White Party in Atlanta. There were various set ups for photography. The main one was the infamous step and repeat with the company and organization logos, at another area a couch area with black background was very comfortable for several persons to sit. The hanging heart of balloons was chosen as photographer favorite position of the night. The red balloons blended and contrasted with the attendee attire for the evening. There were several rooms to explore. The VIP room where the lines were long for beverages and waitresses coming out every minute of with tasty food treats. Music filled the room with the dj but one main room had live music from a guitarist and singer. In the main room the committee celebration all the hard work that brought the event together. My favorite friend Jessica White was the host for the evening. A familiar face from her same role at the Winter White Party.