Monday, February 8, 2016

The 8th Annual Red Dress Party in Atlanta by E37 Photography by Ralph Williams

If you like red and desire to see awesome places and people. The 8th annual Red Dress Party was the event to see. Some of the most beautiful people in Atlanta where  the popular night spot Tongue and Groove. The event featured several fashion designers showcasing their red dress collections. This blog will allow the images to speak for the event. If you desire to see more images, click here to view at E37 Photography by Ralph Williams Facebook page

The Red Dress Party is an annual event to benefit the American Heart Association. If you like  see more photography images like this around the Metro of Atlanta, Georgia, visit our website at E37 Photography


Thursday, February 4, 2016

E37 Photography Blog February 4, 2016 Photography of Awesome People and Awesome Places Atlanta, Geogia

E37 Photography service captured a variety of people and places in the Atlanta Metro Area. The first collage you see came from a photo shoot with model Christa Lee. The images were captured in a scenic park in South Atlanta. You can see this was a fitness photography session. She demonstrated a few of her work out moves. She also displayed her beautiful natural curly hair. 
This collage displayed the behind the scenes activities at the Living Art America North American Body Painting Championship in Atlanta, Georgia. Many of the best artists came from around the world. It was so interesting to view the process of body painting from start to finish. When the artists painted all the models after the allotted which was about 5 hours. They were judged by fellow top professional artists. Afterwards, they had a chance to showcase their work on stage in front of a live audience. 

See more images at E37 Photography