Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What Does The Letter "E" represent In E37 Photography?

Ralph Williams continues to receive Epiphanies from the acronym the letter "E" in the company's name E37 Photography.
The letter "E" has Evolved into new and different words that are all related to the company's mission.
From Eugenia+ Electronics+Exposure+Exceptional and now two more words with meanings just received this morning. Emotions +Expectations. These "E"s are growing into some type of Evolution.
With all of these "E"s in front of me, it is time to focus harder and follow the visions with Execution.
— with Eugenia Stellar Williams at E37 Photography.

Mens Wear Fashions at Atlantic Station in Atlanta,Georgia

During the summer this photographer was assigned to photograph two gentlemen named Lennon Chen and Jonathan Cobb. Both are male models for Ann Mitchell, Noir Fashion House. It was a sunny day at Atlantic Station. It is a trendy gather place for shoppers and visitors. The models visited various areas of the grounds. The photographer, Ralph Williams, took full advantage of the building, store fronts, streets, and the people who watched up photograph. Here are some photographs by E37 Photography of this interesting photography session. The photographer used existing lighting with the use of Canon cameras. Each model wore two different designs.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Natural Hair Ladies Wanted in Atlanta

E37 Photography will create a photo book of #naturalhair females for 2015. Ages 3 and up. Email your photos or #selfies to can also send Instagram images to @e37photography. Use hashtag #naturalhairE37 Selected entries will be invited to a test shoot. You will receive your test images before you leave the studio. The participants selected for a re-shoot will be featured in the book. You also will receive copies of images. Top persons will be featured in the photo book, website,social media,etc. Please note our studio is located in the Atlanta area.