Friday, December 19, 2014


 The 2014 Winter White Party in Atlanta  Dominated the News of E37 Photography's Instagram 

Imagine yourself surrounded by a sea of people by over thousand dressed in mostly white clothing. Some people attended the event in costumes, body painted, crazy hats, angel wings. Well, you were not in heaven you were at the 2014 Winter White Party in Atlanta, Georgia. Well over a thousand folks enjoyed themselves with variety of entertainment like Aeriel acts from the ceiling, pole dancing, colored swirling hula hoops, break dancers, jazz saxophonist, hundreds of beautiful models and more. Hundred of cameras in the room firing at every minute. More than one room had different activities on two floors. You could travel easy by escalators or steps without missing a beat. Cameras crew roamed the room for live interviews on the spot. This indeed was a very visual affair. It seems that most people enjoyed themselves watching the audience participation on the dance floors as well as the stage events. Hope you enjoy the images.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Winter White Party in Atlanta Georgia December 15, 2014. Review from last years event

Hello everyone, E37 Photography will photograph the amazing events of the Winter White Party in Atlanta, Georgia. Hope to see you there if you can not make check back her or view the our Facebook page.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sonia Booker TV Launch Party in Atlanta, Georgia

Sonia Booker, author,speaker and wealth builder launched a new television series at her home base, the Loft, in the Castleberry district of Atlanta.  The guests mixed and networked at this event during breaks of the television taping. Several speakers spoke during the event while the audience listened to every word spoken. The audience also had a chance to participate similar to typical talk shows. Ms. Sharon Frame encouraged the audience involvement with her elated spirit before Ms. Booker spoke to the audience and guests during the taping. Ms. Booker is a rising star in Atlanta. In the year 2014, her image was displayed on a large electronic billboard at the corner of one of the busiest areas of Atlanta on Peachtree Street. Ms. Booker has received numerous awards while being recognized on the front covers of magazines and books. She is a dynamic and friendly person to know among the ranks of who's who in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sonia Booker during live taping

Sonia Booker and Sharon Frame

Sharon Frame with audience

Sonia Booker

Sonia Booker interviewer

Sonia Booker

Sonia Booker Team Members

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Model Imani and Deb Schenk are officially a part of the Piedmont Park Project in Atlanta, Georgia

Congratulations to Model: Imani who received the most popular likes on #E37photography social media  #Atlanta #naturalhair #naturalbeauty See more of her here>

From a child's perspective, let there be peace on Earth. Deb Schenk and I enjoyed watching Imani swing into the air without a care in the world. Captured, timeless moments like this will forever rest in her memories. She will always have this experience to remember of her day in Atlanta's famous playground Piedmont Park.

Imani swinging in Piedmont Park Atlanta, Georgia

My friend model Imani, Deb Schenk, and I enjoyed the experience of Atlanta's Playground Piedmont Park, Atlanta, GA USA. Besides from the birds and a few people, we had the whole park to ourselves on a cloudy day. So peaceful and calm compared to previous visits. Let all records indicate this adventure as a documented experience edition to E37 Photography's PIEDMONT PARK PROJECT series.

Imani and her bird friends in Piedmont Park Atlanta, Georgia

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Model Imani and Deb Schenk visit Atlanta, Georgia

On December 5, 2014, the photographer discovered that the Atlanta's weather forecast for the day was in the mid 50's and cloudy. This is not the scenario envisioned in the Piedmont Park for the photo session. Just a few days ago the weather was warm and sunny but since it is winter in the South the weather will change to cool temperatures on a day notice. I thought the temperature would be fine for the outdoor shoot but it would have been nicer to have some sunshine for the park scenery. We planned to photograph 9:00 am but we decided to photograph inside the hotel to wait for some of the  mist in air to clear. We chose to work in the tunnel which travels from the hotel to the Peachtree Center. The tunnel had clear panes on each side which made a nice view to overlooking the streets of downtown.

Our morning photo session began in the tunnel crosswalk over the city of Atlanta between the Marriott Marquis and the Peachtree Center. This is an Imani moment were she looks you straight into your eyes. young‬ ‪‎model‬ naturalbeauty‬ ‪‎naturalhair‬ E37 Photography

After we photographed for a while, we moved to another crosswalk with a tunnel that led from the Marriott Marquis Hotel to the Hyatt Regency. Here is one of the images in the area. Imani posed in front of a photograph of a familiar landmark, the Majestic Restaurant. How many know where this Restaurant is located in Atlanta? Another photograph on the wall showed a photograph of a Coca Cola landmark.
Imani at the entrance from crosswalk to Marriott Hotel

Imani posed in front of the Coca Cola Photograph
Imani posed in from of the Majestic Restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia on Ponce de Leon.
 Finally, we traveled to Piedmont Park which was only about 15 minutes away from Peachtree Street. Look who we met in Piedmont Park. On the grounds the geese were having their morning meal. Imani decided to use them as props in the background. It seemed like there were more birds in the park than people this day. More to come...

Imani on the swing

Imani stands tall on the rock ledge at Piedmont Park where grey fox fur.