Sunday, February 22, 2015

Nine Year Old Makiah Model/Actress Visits Atlanta,Georgia From Houston,Texas for Photography Sessions in the Park

Makiah arrived in Atlanta, Georgia from Houston, Texas. Her dad said it was a long ride for him since he did not receive much rest. He did manage to make it. Makiah also came along with her mother and make up team Club Team HM also from Houston. The first session took place in Olympic Centennial Park around some huge stones. The photographer suggested this spot in the park. to match her attire He was careful not to photograph much of the Atlanta streets and building across the street from the park. He also had to photograph at particular angles at the locations to avoid shadow. The weather was sunny and cool. The temperatures warmed up some later in the day. Makiah wore an oriental outfit which was like aqua and blue trimmed in gold.

Our second session began in Piedmont Park where Makiah wore gold and black with a long ponytail. They made the change over in the parking deck of Piedmont Park. The  first of locations were near a pathway with fallen brown leaves on the side. Makiah held a few brown leaves as a prop. We walked back toward the garage and photographed in the open field. The photography session showed Makiah sitting high on the top of brick wall heading close to the parking deck. Her dad sat her next on top where you can see the blue skies in the background. It was a nice way to end the date with dad in one of the images.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

MeMoonlight The Loc Whisper...Loc Artist/Model The ‪PiedmontParkPhotographyProject‬ in ‪Atlanta‬

Rocks. Rocks. Rocks. MeMoonlight The Loc Whisper...Loc Artist/Model stood and sat on them but she could not wear them out. She modeled in the backyard of the famous Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia. Not too many visitor ventured behind the park where this photographer captured the images you see here. The rock were planted to prevent erosion on the steep hill but it also provided a grand view for a photography background. The models and the different people are invited to participate in The Piedmont Park Photography Project. So far marvelous images were captured and hopefully many more will follow. Selena's black outfit and tutu made a nice contrast against the rocks. This is the second mention of this particular area of Piedmont Park

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Selena Loc HairStylist Models in the Piedmont Park Photography Project captured by E37 Photography Atlanta,Georgia

This blog shows a variety of images photographed of model Selena. She is an expert hairstylist who wore three different type of clothing with three scenes. You be the judge of what you like the best. The photography on the rocks in the background was an interesting location to photograph the subject especially since she wore black which contrasted well with the grey colored rock that looked like a stairway to the top of the hill. The pink dress worn with the trees and limb had no real greenery since it was winter time. The pink look very calm and Selena elegantly posed with the scenery. The last set of images were photographed as the sun set. Selena worn here grandmothers own dress which was very sentimental to her. I used an electronic flash to add light since the light there was no sunshine. It turn out well without the glaring burst of lights from electronic flash making the scene look artificial. We did all three shoot in a short about of time because of Selena experience posing and the assistant of her makeup artist Shontrese Henry. It was then time to pack up and leave the friendly grounds for another return visit. Where and who will it be? It is the photographer wish for the new images on the return trip to be just as exciting. Thank God for the weather to cooperate for us in the winter time.

Week of Atlanta Events and People captured by E37 Photography in Atlanta

You see the collage of a variety events around the city of Atlanta. Piedmont Park photography session shows Selena a top Loc Hair Stylist. Selena wore her grandmother's dress. Check her hair style. You can view nine year Makiah from Houston, Texas wearing the oriental attire photographed at Centennial Park downtown Atlanta. The ballet dancer wore traditional and regular clothing but always wore her ballet shoes around Piedmont Park. If you view a lot of red clothing, it came from the 7th Red Dress Party to raise fund for the American Heart Association. The lovely blonde hair Jessica Black was the host for the event. The three images of Dejavu Williams reveal his many hats. He was also a red carpet spoke man at the event. The blue image showed body painted model Kate Marie in the blue room of the Meditation room at the Healium Center on their Valentine's Day celebration. The black and white image was taken in the studio with StylesByNami, model and stylist. Visit this E37 Photography Flickr site for a review.

The Body Painted Fire Dancer BodyArt by Stephanie Anderson E37 Photography

The SCC presented the show Burlesque for Breast which promoted breast cancer awareness. The artist was painted live on stage and then performed with the dazzling fire in hand. This image was special since it captured a second image of the dancer photographed by a member in the audience with a cell phone. With this image, you get two for one. Low light is dramatic which spotlighed the performer with the exception of the hands of the person with the cell phone. Perfect timing.

Piedmont Park Photography Project in Atlanta Ballet Dancer in the Back of Park

The Piedmont Park Photography Project featured creative imagery of E37 Photography by Ralph Williams. The ballet dancer in the park was the theme. She danced her way around the park in a very natural setting with trees, steps, swings, bridges. Christina Simkovich demonstrated her dance talents on two sets of ballet shoes. We photographed in the open spaces in the cool chill of the midday.