Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tutu in Park ~ Fairy Moments

Somethings work out for the best when you put your mind to it. I imagined a creative project which served to help two groups. I was approached by a parent who wanted a different  photography look for her daughter's modeling portfolio. I connected the mother with Tutus by Cheryl, a fashion designer who had recently contracted me to photograph the grand opening of her new store. I thought it would be a great idea to bring them together on a project. I visualized the thirteen year old young lady looking like a fairy in the garden. I described the colors for the tutu skirt to the designer which were pink, white, and cream. I visualized the colors making a nice contrast against the earthy environment of the natural green leaves, brown trees, bridges and gray stones along the pathways.

On the day of the shoot, I accidentally discovered a running stream near a creek with shallow water and rocks with mounds of green moss in the background. The location looked like a scene from the movie set of Alice in Wonderland. The model and I actually stood in the water to capture some images. The water was cool and the rocks were hard on my bare feet. This area was my favorite scene from the photography session. I also figured it to be the most difficult but the best of the other choices that were previous scouted. In the end, the mother and daughter had some unique images for their modeling portfolio. The tutu designer had an original skirt to showcase on the Internet and elsewhere. It served to be a great promotional piece to share with her customers on the before her grand opening. E37 Photography also had an opportunity to share some images. 
t was a win win situation all around. Now, it is your turn to view the scenes.