Friday, July 24, 2015

Fitness images of Teresa Snbf Fitness Competitor by E37 Photography Atlanta, Georgia

Teresa is our latest fitness subject in this blog. She came well prepared for this photography session. This was our first time meeting face to face in person. I saw several images of her on Facebook. I asked her if she would be interested in being featured in the fitness section of E37 Photography website. I decided to photograph her at the Historic Fourth Ward district in Atlanta. The area had a skateboard park and a nearby overpass shelter below the Freedom Parkway. The overpass had plenty of colorful graffiti painted on the floor, walls and poles. As mentioned, she was well prepared with different layered looks using a hoodie which had "REBEL" printed in black letters on a gray sleeveless sweatshirt. She wore black shorts with the purple colors on the side of her hips and pink sports shoes. To my surprise she also wore a black Victoria Secret sport set that displayed in white printed letters "Think Pink" We photographed with her different variations of clothing. She wore the hoodie on her head, over her shoulder and waved it in the air. Her black sports set look dazzling as she ran under the concrete bridge with confetti in the background. We spent most of photography time on the concrete floor and in front of the concrete partitions. This was a perfect area to photograph because of the overpass provided shade and consistent lighting conditions. Keep in mind we were in the middle of July where midday summer temperatures can climb pass the 90 degree mark. Fortunately, we agreed to photograph the session around 9am in the morning mainly to avoid high heat temperatures, hard intense light and shadow conditions.

With this in mind, we first photographed in the skateboard area in the open light. We had to compromise some of the posing at the site since there were skateboarders skating in the area. We did not want to disturb their routine skating habits. They gave us a little break by skating more to the advanced areas until we finished. I photographed Teresa laying on the concrete curve of the slope, at the top of the ramp of the skateboard floor with her head hanging over the curve with her hair flowing over which made a dramatic look. I also photographed the model on the side and the back of the skateboard ramp. To my blessing the concrete was painted in the purple and black colors matching her pants. There was large picture of an owl mural with brown feathers which was perfectly matched the brown and black colors of her hair. I hope you will enjoy the sample pics here. I added a link so you can enjoy more of the images captured. I had previously photographed gloAtl dance group about a year ago in this area so I had some idea about the scenery. The Northeast Atlanta Beltline trail runs parallel to the skateboard park and under the Freedom Parkway overpass. All of the elements in area created a scenic backdrop for the beautiful fitness model.

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