Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Charisse models on the steps of Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia

My favorite model Charisse who took a while to find here way to the park. I took advantage of her gold pants and used the stone color in the steps to complement her attire. Her curly natural hair is perfect in a natural setting for the #PiedmontParkProject where E37 Photography photographs subject in Piedmont Park of Atlanta, Georgia. The park is in the heart of the city called the people's playground. The image was photographed April 13, 2013 on a Saturday where people overflowed the park. My task was to choose an isolated space if it was for few seconds or minutes with people moving around in the foreground and  background.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Piedmont Park Project Model: Koesha Ball Outdoor Portraits

Hello everyone, the image you are viewing is a part of what is called the #PiedmontParkProject  which means people are photographed in the lovely spacious areas of Piedmont Park of Atlanta,Georgia. The image appears to be in a remote place but the images was shot from the bottom of the steps and she stood at the top. If you were at eye level you would she the dirt track,ball field and the skyline of Atlanta across from Piedmont Street. My task was a little trick because the hat casted shadows below her face but from this angle the view under her face was better. Keep in mind it was a sunny day but not too hot around 11:00 am in the morning. The model name is Keosha who dressed very nice for the shoot. More of her to come in the next blog.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Sitting in my topless car

Writing this on the IPhone but pollen is in the air falling on my phone glass screen. Soaking up the sun and reading. I am doing this on purpose to get my dally dose of Vitamin D. I thank God I don't have allergy issues. This would not be a good thing for a Florida man. I love the sunshine. I am going to a photography workshop in my hometown Daytona Beach in June. More sunshine but this time on the beach.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Multi-talented Tishauntae

This is Tishauntae a super talent lady who sings,dances, models,acts and more. It was a pleasant surprise  meet her at Cafe Circa a restaurant in downtown Atlanta, Ga. The photographer had a short time to take this photograph in the rear of the restaurant. She loves to work in front of the camera. This photographer hopes he has a chance to capture her in some unique situations.  

Monday, April 1, 2013

The model is Remeshia Hall. RunwayInk gave a photo shoot for the model in the upcoming event called the Women Empowerment Fashion Event in Atlanta,Ga. starting April 18, 2013  I am a photographer who volunteer for this just to meet the coordinator of the fashion show. I am going to work backward in time on my blogs explaining what you missed . I got so caught on Facebook,Twitter and I am crazy to leave my blog here standing alone. I have taken some cool images such as the one you see here. The building is under construction will be an art and wine gallery. The size of place is 3600 square feet and it was my old photography studio. I used most of the room but it never reached the potential I dreamed. It is a dream to be back in the studio. The window lights really helped my photo session which began from about 11:30-3:30pm. I was very tired in the end. I prayed to God to guide me in this endeavor and he gave me this opportunity. I think this is a confirmation for me to finish the mission. I started 10 years ago. I will feature images here until I find a new home.