Saturday, July 25, 2015

Celeste Hunt Fitness Competitor from Atlanta, Georgia

I am way overdo from posting these images but I hope they will serve as an fitness inspiration for viewers. The featured person in this post is Celeste Hunt who is a 40 year old proud mother. The images you see were taken summer 2015 just before she won two trophies is a recent competition. She looked more defined afterwards with definition because she was in contest shape which meant she lost some additional fat to show more muscles. I am glad to present the images of her before contest time as you would normally see her in everyday situations still well toned with muscle but not in true contest shape. She had a beautiful personality and was fun to photograph. I also photographed some images with her son which made both of them look like the dynamic duo.

I decided on two locations which were all outdoors for the photography sessions. I wanted to display people in natural environments versus the typical gym routine look. We began in the morning in the downtown area of Hapeville, Georgia a small town located near the Hartsfield-Jackson airport which is just south of Atlanta, Georgia. You can see the train tracks in the middle of the downtown area which had tall crosswalks. It was challenge early to photograph with the sun reflecting the colors from the sportswear on their bodies. It was also necessary to position them in areas away from the bright sunlight to avoid eye blinks. We got it done. In one instances, the images displayed them doing push ups on the steps.

The next photography location took about twenty minutes of travel time but you will see it was worth the trip. We traveled to South Atlanta and arrived to see metal statues by Charlie Smith who created them for his trip to the Burning Man in the desert of Arizona which is an annual nationally known event. Before we photographed on and around the metal statues, Celeste saw piles of broken bricks near the area just sitting there to be used as a background. Celeste and son made the climb to the top for photography images.

Finally, we make it over to the metal artwork. The bronze brownish colors looked very rustic which made an excellent contrast against their blue clothing. Photographing two locations in one day with two clothes changes were accomplished. The images serve the purpose of promoting fitness. We hope you will visit us at E37 Photography website to see the other participants in the Fitness with a Flair section.