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Dragon Con Body Art Challenge 2017 In Atlanta, Georgia


Judges of the Dragon Con Body Art Challenge

Here are sample images from the Dragon Con Body Art Challenge in Atlanta, Georgia. This special tract featured panelist, artist and models. The artists were required to painter there models in 90 minutes. The panelist will select the first three top winners winners which are feature in the photo image and videos.  1st place artist -Jennifer Gilley and model-Tyler Brigman | 2nd place artist -Stephanie Williams and model Madison Tilley | 3rd place artist -Joseph Titus Davis and model Hassan Wicker. 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Monday, May 29, 2017

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Model ~Tisha Edge Glover and Artist ~ Stephanie Anderson Neon Armour Body Painting

The moment finally arrived at E37 Photography studio to unite one of Atlanta's top full-figure model, Tisha Edge Glover, to be painted by Atlanta's internationally known artist Stephanie Anderson of Neon Armour Body Painting. The two ladies joined together to bring to you the finished product of body artwork.
Model Tisha E. Glover painted by Neon Armour Body Painting  Artist Stephanie Anderson

We agreed on the tribal look. The blue and red paint really contrasted Tisha's melanin skin. Her short curly, natural low hairstyle was perfect keeping the elements together. Ralph Williams, the photographer, brought some some brown burlap cloth to be used as a wrap for portions of the model's body. Stephanie cut it and put her creative touches to bring it all life for the photo shoot. Tisha wanted to do something different from than her other photo shoots. It seems that she won over the audience who had a chance to view her images on social media. Tisha had a chance to test the water in the social media posts. As usual Tisha has a big fan support but it seems that they gave her greater support for adding bodypainting to her repertoire. Take a look at the short Youtube video clip. It shows some of the painting process. The separate images below will allow you to further view the finish product.


More images by E37 Photography below

Model Tisha E. Glover  Artist Stephanie Anderson Neon Armour Body Painting

Model Tisha E. Glover painted by Neon Armour Body Painting Artist Stephanie Anderson

Neon Armour Body Painting  Artist Stephanie Anderson

 Model Tisha E. Glover painted by Neon Armour Body Painting Artist Stephanie Anderson

Model Tisha E. Glover painted by Neon Armour Body Painting Artist Stephanie Anderson

If you like this type of body painting, why not visit E37 Photography to view more. Thank You, Ralph E. Williams, photographer.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Grand Opening Of Fairview Urgent Care May 6, 2017

The grand opening of the Fairview Urgent Care center in Henry County, Georgia featured a day of activities. This facilities was much need for the citizens in Henry County. Commissioner Bruce Holmes of district 5 mentioned now the residents in the area would not have to travel so far for health care needs.

The ribbon cutting ceremony officially opened the doors of this state of the art center. People sat outside to here brief presentations. People toured the building. Plenty of entertainment was provided everyone. the disc jockey played popular recorded tunes. People ate catered food. The children activities were varied from face painting, stacking wood blocks, demonstrations from balloon man, building stations from Home Depot.

The main event was held outside under beautiful clear skies. A tent was used for the children activities. It was a great day for Henry County. 

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Miami: Tri Cities Mixer Edition

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2016 excerpts of the Peachtree Street Photography Project in Atlanta

This images above were all photographed in various locations of Peachtree Street in Atlanta, Georgia. More images will be featured for the 2017 year. The participants are showcased with various talents. Each one has a story to tell. The location on Peachtree Street also have stories current and the past history of Atlanta. Follow the series at E37 Photography social media hashtag #PSPPATL #Instagram and #Facebook. The photo shoot will be taken in every season, day or night. Individuals or group will eventually be seen in an upcoming website for the project and also a photo album which will reveal something about each participant. Hope you enjoy the scenic view of Atlanta from downtown to Midtown. E37 Photography

Friday, January 6, 2017

The Peachtree Street Photography Project in Atlanta -Woodruff Art Center Kylie Davis Ballet

 The Peachtree Street Photography Project in Atlanta has completed the 2016 cycle. Look forward to viewing more endless possibilities in 2017. The people who appear have stories to tell. Kylie Davis is a multi-talented teen #model #dancer #actress #musician. Special thanks to her mom Queita Davis for her support. Since E37 Photography photographs strictly on the #PSPPATL in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, the #PSPPATL project will reveal current Atlanta locations on this famous street and also reflect historic memories of Atlanta's past. Look out for those black poles on the street. The gold bird, the Phoenix is a great symbol of Atlanta, represents very literally the rebirth of Atlanta out of the ashes after it was burned down in the Civil War. E37 Photography photographed #KylieDavis in front of the Woodruff Arts Center. In the early years of the USA, her ancestors were rarely seen performing #ballet. Opportunities exist even though struggles are hard. Atlanta is a city of opportunities and diversity. Let's not worry about the past. #RISEUP Atlanta the Super City in the South. #discoveratl #chooseatl