Friday, August 29, 2014

Runway fashion scenes from the Taste of Runway Atl

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Taste of Runway Atl Fashion and Food Event E37 Photography by Ralph Williams

The models below were from the collection of Gina Hadley, fashion designer. Her company is name Avantoooh. Her clothes varied in colors and designs. Princess Canty and her team designed the hairstyles that routinely seen at the Bronner Brothers hair shows. Patrice Story and Tatiana Wilson contributed to the makeup. The models were part of nine  models in her group that walked the runway at the Taste of Runway Atl which was held in the World Congress Center in the downtown area of Atlanta, Georgia. Later, you will see more of this group and others models on the runway stage. This set of models walked the runway last in the evening. You will see other groups in the next blog post from the end of the program to the beginning. The event mixed with food, fashion and entertainment.  Comedian Rodney Perry performed on stage. The host and hostess kept the audience interested between fashion breaks. The event also housed different vendors with variety of products for health and beauty,etc. The other major focus of this was the food. Some of the top chefs were in the room. The audiences were able to sample some of their delicious food while watching the performances. 

Some people may have inadvertently been left out of the image posting from the Taste of the Runway Atlanta. I am sure you all realize that a fashion show of that length involved many people such as models,fashion designers,MUAs, etc. I wish to thank all who identified themselves and others when images were posted. This became a reality due to their proactive interest. If you have friended me and/or liked E37 Photography. You are welcome to contact me by direct message and measures will be taken to make sure you are not over looked. Peace and love.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Haitian Fashion Show by E37 Photography

These models represent members of the Haitian Fashion Event held in Atlanta,Georgia. Representatives from Haiti showcased their country. You could see from the swimwear and other exotic fashion. Other types of fashion were there. Lisa Nicole McCloud,fashion designer, model group walked the runway first. The photographer tried to focus on the full lengths of clothing and also close ups. The hair and makeup was amazing to see as they walked to the beat of the music. Check out the video below to see more of E37 Photography's coverage.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Body Painting with company logo of E37 Photography

This photography session was inspired from my photography work with the
 Living Arts of America. Their headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Working with the painters and models in the show was a memorable experience. Body painter D. Bombshell who competed in the body painting competition also painted the model in this image especially for me with my company logo. It was quite a honor to see it done and then photographed

ReImagination 2.0 E37 Photography by Ralph E. Williams

ReImagination .20 Atlanta, Georgia
Watch the YouTube video and see the art and activities.

Sonia Booker Birthday Bash and Book Release E37 Photography by Ralph Williams

About Sonia Booker
Wealth builder, educator, author and speaker, Sonia Booker is one of the nation’s leading “Go To” wealth experts. Known for her down-to-earth approach, her messages are inspirational and empowering; encouraging people to go from everyday living to wealth building. .
Her new book is called "Real Estate & Wealth: Investing In The American Dream". The book signing took place at the Loft in Castleberry Hill district in Atlanta, Georgia.

The other part of the event was the birthday party with attendees enjoying food,dj music and live entertainment. Hank Stewart recited one of his poem to Ms. Booker. After recognitions of guests, the cake entered the room. before long the lights went low and the dancing and partying began.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Dr. Courtney A. Hammonds Birthday and Book Signing E37 Photography by Ralph Williams

E37 Photography presents the birthday celebration and book signing this the video.

This image was photographed at the end of the event in the lobby of the Susan G. Komen office in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Hammonds and executive director Cati Stone of the office.

Celebrating the release of his book "Reflections of Style a Philanthropic Glance at Art" and his birthday brunch called "Chapeaux & Champagne soiree". It was good to see a few people known by the photographer at this occasion. Ms. Dana Hill is wearing the hat behind Dr. Hammonds. He hosted an event for her called "The Black Doll Affair a brunch where members in her organization celebrate her organization called The Black Dolls with branches in Atlanta and other cities in the USA. She is also featured in the book. Ms. Norma Center standing next to her work with the Easter Seal of Atlanta. Her organization hosted a fashion event called "Fashion Uncorked". Dr. Hammonds was a co-host of the event.

Nice drinks and delights satisfied the guests appetites. 

Dr. Hammond has an unique way of engaging his audience with very lively talk and he is very easy to recognize members in the room which he did quite often. This image was photographed in the lobby of the Susan G. Komen center which is was known for promoting breast cancer. The pink color was displayed through the rooms in the office.

The live music was performed by the group called Last Chance Runaround, the acoustic folk of the 60's. 

In this photograph, Dr. Hammond is being sung to across the room by R&B singer Angie B.

The last image of this blog displays his mother on the left in yellow and aunt on the right of the photograph. Now you know were his get some of his great ideas for fashion. Dr. Hammond is an author, image expert, philanthropist, educationalist where he is an administrator at the Atlanta Institute-Decatur. Capturing memorable of events of this occasion was very special.