Saturday, September 27, 2014

Kat Graham Photographed in Atlanta at the Re-Grand opening of Mont Blanc in Atlanta

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Success in The City Fashion Event @ Atlantic Station 2014

E37 Photography by Ralph Williams photographed Success in the City Fashion show presented by the Event & Fashion Show class. Dr. Courtney A. Hammonds hosted a viewing audience of over 200 + people, student volunteers (over 70 from AIA-Decatur and Dress for Success), entertainment (Amber Harris and Collective Element)   models,  Gap Inc. brands , Paul Mitchell,  Strip restaurant, Atlantic Station (staff) and strategic nonprofit Dress for Success. The slide show music by Dominic Amato "Out The Gate" provide music added in the slideshow provided some smooth jazz sounds as the models walked the runway. Some of the images that followed are a representation of the show events. The event ended after the sunset at Atlantic Station with a definite change in the atmosphere of the program from light to dark. Camera lights were necessary to complete the job as the models walked the runway with only the red lights on the runway floor to support them. The lights of the skyline office buildings provided a spectacular backdrop of glittering lights in sky.

Amber Harris and The Collective Element 

The photograph below is a collage of the volunteers who supported the fashion show. They wore black so they were easy to spot all around the area fenced off from the regular public. Seats were arranged on both sides of the runway with white chairs. Before and in the middle of the fashion event the musical group Amber Harris and The Collective Element performed. They also had a dj playing music before and during the breaks. The show ended with some of the sponsors on stage handing out papers to the students who finished the course from the Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur. The school directors and a member representing the Gap clothing company were on the stage to talk. Everyone was very happy and smiling with the scene of a college graduation. I am sure there were many satisfied family members, and friends in the audience who came out for support.

Dr. Hammonds

Volunteers from Art Institute Atlanta-Decatur and Dress for Success

Friday, September 12, 2014

Mr. Edward Womack, author, "Back From Broken", T.I.P.S Academy I Life Transformers, a Sponsor of The RISE Award

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Michelle Williams cd release party Journey to Freedom

Step into the world of Michelle Williams of the infamous singing group Destiny's Child. She releases another new gospel album called JOURNEY TO FREEDOM at the Suite Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia. E37 Photography was there and so was Ms. Carol J of Blink Atlanta magazine along with many others to see her. She posed on the red carpet for camera crew and audience. She interviewed with radio hosts on the couch, she moved to another area to pose with fans who participated as radio listeners, she moved to a table set up for to sign cd for fans, she continued to do more interviews. A busy night for Ms. Williams.

Many cameras in the room but the eyes are only on one person. Let the flashes begin.

People at Michelle Williams Album Release Party

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Black white image of fashion designer and model with three different poses. Photo manipulation done to all images

The designer is Ann Mitchell of Noir Fashion House in Atlanta. E37 photography captured images of her in a 3 million dollar mansion in Atlanta for the Casino Royale style fundraising benefit for BoySpeakOut, Inc.  Read dealer and poker tables were in the room below were guest gamble away for enjoyment. The three images displayed came from different shots. The thought of isolating her in the middle of the room appears as that she came out of the doors in the back. This image gave me a little practice on brushing up on my Photoshop skills. The dimension size of the image is 640 x640 pixel which is the perfect size to post on Instagram. It also gave an opportunity to sport the company logo in red,black, and white. You got to brand when you can. One day there will be many people in the country to recognize the logo of E37 Photography. Does it look a little like 007 from the James Bond movie?

In this image, I added the designer logo to the side of the room. Now notice the cords on the wall and the gentleman on the couch. They were remove from image to eliminate the clutter

The last image shown with no cords and no couch

Monday, September 8, 2014

BoysSpeakOut,Inc Fundraiser hosted by actor Lammand Rucker covered by E37 Photography for Blink Magazine.

Lammand Rucker, actor and philanthropist, hosted the Casino Royale fundraiser for the BoysSpeakOut,Inc. organization in Atlanta. The guest arrived dressed in black attire and played Las Vegas style casino set at mansion in Atlanta, Georgia.

Posters of the James Bond movie Casino Royale were displayed prominently at the entrance of the mansion.

This is the photographer's favorite image of the fundraiser event for the BoysSpeakOut,Inc. organization which really shows the essence of the evening. The lovely lady looked amazingly awesome in her own original dress design. In that moment in time, she blended in well with the contemporary elegance of the house. Ann Mitchell in the images is the owner of Noir House where she designs men and ladies fashions.

Carole Holmes, the publisher of Blink Magazine posed here with Mr. Rucker for photographers.

The guests were all around the mansion that night. The atmosphere was calm but exciting especially when the games began in the casino. Let the games begin. You will notice professional workers in full attire operating as they would in Las Vegas or a similar casino.

This was indeed an interesting adventure. Photographers like myself do not often photograph casino games in a mansion worth over $3,000,000 dollars

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Photograph on E37 Photography YouTube Channel from the Taste of the Runway Atl

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This photographed image shown with the YouTube logo  was displayed to announce to the viewer that this model was photograph in a dramatic fashion show in Atlanta by E37 Photography. The photography images were photographed without the use of electronic flash. Thankfully the event at the Taste of the Runway Atl provided enough stage lights to accomplish this feat. You are looking at the image. What do you think? I set the Canon 70D to 1600 iso with allowed the color to show brilliantly from the stage. The purple stage light also provided more excitement to the stage. I really enjoyed this experience since I could photograph freely without waiting for a flash to recycle. I was able to photograph multiple images. At the end of the program, one of the stage lights blew out. Some of area of the stage limited my work because of darkness. Overall, I worked where the light was best. Watch some of the models from the show wearing amazing hairstyles and exotic clothing.

Mauricio Chacon Picado designer comes to Atlanta in September 2014

Model: Nicole Salas and Ingrid Prado Designer: Mauricio Chacon Picado He is coming to Atlanta in September for this event > Atlanta Latino Fashion Week Photographer: E37 Photography by Ralph Williams. Here are examples of his fabulous fashion. The images were taken from a previous visit to Georgia for the Costa Rican festival. Check for more information to see him and other designers with fabulous models in the city of Atlanta.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Dragon Con Parade 2014 downtown Atlanta 2014

All images captured by E37 Photography by Ralph Williams, Photographer 
Link to over 200 images

I recently attended the Dragon Con parade in downtown Atlanta. I arrived about 9am before the start time at 10am. I was shocked at the huge number of people already in position to watch the parade. I walked and walked and eventually compromised with a spot where I stood behind four rows of people.  The people sitting were ok but I expected to stand the duration of the parade. The couple standing in front of me meant I would have to aim my camera between their heads. I got a big break. The couple decided to move which allowed me a better view. My main concern was the direction of sunlight in front of me. I knew I would have to aim away to prevent camera glare. I stood in the area of the parade where it was close to the end route. When the people in the parade finally arrived the fun began. I knew I would see many colorful elements from the character clothes, cars, makeup,etc. In case you did not know, Dragon Con is an annual event held in a large Atlanta hotel where actors, comic book collectors, costume companies, film makers, etc. meet to celebrate the industry. I made a link of over 200 images of the parade. You can view from the Flickr link on this page. I will post a few here a samples.

Visit the link by clicking the link below