Friday, June 27, 2014

Model Shoot Ashley DaLania

We start early in the morning around 8am. Ashley the model worked over night on a movie project so she needed some extra time to prepare. I relaxed and worked on my IPad. 

We left from her home in Atlanta and walked to the Jackson bridge name after the former Mayor of Atlanta,Ga. The bridge was above Freedom Parkway which had the skyline of the city of Atlanta. The weather was a little breezy which meant I had to do a hair check. 

Ashley wanted a Fourth of July shoot. She wore short demin pants with the imprint of the USA flag and a white top. Her hair was long black and curly. We used a small flag as a prop in some of the shoots. Other images were photographed on the roof of her condo. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cross Appears in the Evening Sky and Old Tree in Hapeville, Georgia

The image you see was photographed with an Apple iPhone. While walking back to E37 Photography studio from a restaurant in Hapeville, Georgia after eating some barbecued chicken wings and potato salad. I glanced upward to photograph the sky around 6:30pm est. I did not notice till later that a resemblance of a cross appeared. Is this a sign of better days ahead. I would like to believe my faith to be on the positive side. 

The image below was taken on the street on Virginia Avenue around 7pm est in the city of Hapeville, Georgia which was found in 1891. There are plenty historic places to see as well as modern areas. Delta Airlines and the new North American headquarters of Porsche are all in the city. This image represent the nostalgic past of the old days. If you walk across the street, you will see some of the Delta Airlines headquarters and parts of the Atlanta Airport.

E37 Photography by Ralph E. Williams

Ethan: Model and Actor E37 Photography by Ralph E. Williams

 Meet Ethan who is a rising actor and model. The images that appear below where taken in South Fulton, Georgia. We started our first photography session in the downtown area of Hapeville, Georgia where E37 Photography is located a few minutes away on Virginia Avenue. The wind blew his hair strongly to prevent us from shooting images at the top of a bridge in town. We decided to photograph Ethan near the newly built commons areas near the street of the city's museum. The city creatively added a chalkboard to the wall for one of Ethan's backgrounds.

The second set of images were photographed in Union City, Georgia which was about 30 minutes from the location in Hapeville. The bridge you see was especially built for the neighborhood people to cross over a stream of running water. It was very close to an elementary school which made it easier for us to park the cars at the location off the road. I did not bring a big production. I used a Canon 70D, Gary Fong diffuser on top of the Canon electronic flash for fill in on face. Overall, the images came out nice without the need for color correction. Ethan has nice long hair and it took some extra combing throughout the photography session to keep it place. This is the second time E37 Photography has photographed Ethan. Ethan modeled clothes for the fashion design winner of Fashion Uncorked event in Atlanta back in the Fall. You may see more of Ethan as he continues his progress in the entertainment industry.

Ralph E. Williams, E37 Photography