Sunday, July 26, 2015

Body Painting and artwork at the Healium Center

Model Kate Marie and artwork on body and wall by Miguel Dominguez
The Healium Center is a pleasant and artistic place to visit in Atlanta, Georgia to enjoy art, music, food and most of all relaxation. They feature artwork of local artists. It is a place where you can create artwork of your own. I like to visit the place for all of the above but most of all I like to photograph body painting. This blog features Miguel Dominguez who had a large display of artwork on the walls of the center at the time of my visit. You can see his artwork along with the artwork he painted on the body of model Kate Marie. Kate is also an artist but in this instance she posed as a model. She held poses like a frozen ballerina statue. I have photographed her on several other occasions. Each time see looked different. She posed in front of Miguel's artwork and also in the room of Jim Peera, the founder  and director of the Healium Center. He is an artist too. Check out the small sculptures he displayed in the room where Kate posed. It was a pleasure to photograph the features of all the artists in this review. You can follow more of the body painted artwork photography at the website E37 Photography After reading this, I hope you will visit the Healium Center soon.

Kate Marie body painted by Miguel Domingue with artwork sculptures by Jim Peera
Kate Marie  body painted by Miguel Dominguez with artwork sculptures by Jim Peera