Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Trumpet Awards 2014 Red Carpet E37 Photography

On a cold  Saturday, January 25, 2014, E37 Photography by Ralph Williams arrived at the Cobb Energy to see men laying the red carpet for the celebrities and guests to make their grand entrance along a long eventual line of photographers,video and media personnel who would endure the cold dropping temperatures to see the celebrities and guests pass by to enter the Cobb Energy Center which as become a popular venue of elite performance in the Atlanta Metro Area. 

The lady you see here is Xernona Clayton she is the founder and CEO of the Trumpet Awards Foundation, Inc. and Executive Producer of the Foundation's Trumpet Awards. The Trumpet Awards is a prestigious event highlighting African American accomplishments and contributions.Initiated in 1993 by Turner Broadcasting, the Trumpet Awards has been televised annually and distributed international to over 185 countries around the world.

This nice looking couple represents Hollywood as it's best. Actress Meagan Good with her large fan base plus the followers of DeVon Palmer Senior Vice President of Columbia Tristar Pictures equal an avalanche. They definitely received much attention from the media and fans. My Facebook fans like them as well. This image was tweeted by the photographer to share with the public. This was not just a regular red carper walk for Mr. Palmer. He received special honors at the Trumpet Awards ceremony that night. 

It was a task to find a reasonable space to photograph the celebrities and guests. This photographer chose to stand high on the wide marble wall along the carpet that allow him to photograph over some heads and between some gaps. As you can see from the image, the distant was very reasonable to see the expressions of their faces during the interviews. It was very interesting to hear them make sound bites for audio and visual crews. You can tell that they were professional and their experience this opportunity was not new. Their red carpet experience seemed very enjoyable for them as the interacted with smiles on their faces. Sometimes you would see some uneasiness from the ladies because of the cold temperature. Overall they took their time to answer questions from the media. Actor and Comedian Chris Tucker actually came back to our area to answer more questions during interviews.

Andrew Young and wife a long time civil rights leader, former mayor of Atlanta, Ga., and U.S. ambassador always makes a historic appearance with his lovely wife. He is one of the most recognizable member of the red carpet for his many contributions to Atlanta, Georgia and the world with his world famous civil rights marches with Martin Luther King, Jr. 

The couple you see below were the hosts of the Trumpet Award Program. Actor Laz Alphonso and Actress Mellissa De Sousa were also another representation of the movie industry. Both were smiling and talking despite the cold dropping temperature of the day. Actors know how to work their part. The Trumpet Award recognized honorees but they also had entertainers to highlight the evening. Here are a partial list: Sister With Voice (SWV),Carl Thomas,Amber Riley,Jaheim,Reheem DeVaughn and Tasha Cobb.

The photographer writes SISTER ACT! The sister arrived on the red carpet together. What a sight to see four beautiful and smart women who are sisters at the same Trumpet Award event. The photographer thought he was seeing double at first but he finally realized reality. At this time the names of the sisters in red and tan are unknown. If you can identify them, leave their name in the comment section for additions. The ladies with the dark hair are honoree for the awards program. Deryl & Cheryl McKissack-President and CEO McKissack & Mckissack which names listed on the program.

Well known minister and singer Bobby Jones greets the media. He smile all the time and seem very comfortable answering the media questions and giving sound bites.

It was a honor for the photograph to meet Roland S. Martin news columnist and tv host in person. He is known nationally on radio and television. He was tweet and he did response. He is of course an excellent person with communication skills

More images and details to be added to this blog later. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Model and Entertainer from Atlanta makes front cover of HustlerAire magazine photos credit:E37 Photography

Entertainer and entreprenuar StrangeThang of Atlanta came by E37 Photography studio for a photo session. We tried a variety of poses with head shots and full body coverage. She is known for her hair and face expressions. The photographer used Photoshop to remove the portrait gray background behind her and replace it with a night photograph that brought some drama and mystique to photograph. Her facial expressions just pops off the walls of the building in the background. The goal was to put her in a night scenes which was completed with her face in the foreground. How do you like her hair? She is full of style and flair and is definitely going somewhere. The photographer used other backgrounds beside the brown building. E37 photographer will show a few more examples of backgrounds used in this blog. The artist and photographer are both from the metro Atlanta area. Music with rap and spoken word is very popular in our urban city. Look out for more StrangeThang because still going to make her rounds in and out of town. E37 Photography hopes capture more images at another opportunity to work together again on future projects. Let's enjoy this one that we see below of her face the front magazine cover. ~Ralph Williams, Photographer


Black and White

You can see the many combinations of images that can be used in different ways for promotion,etc.

My post today is yet another image of Strange Thang I figure if she was good enough for the magazine cover she was good enough for my Facebook background. I used the company logo with the e37 and traditional red,black, and white. I add gray also has a neutral color to blend with her the black and white image of her. I plan to continue using Photoshop and then use more of Indesign both products by Adobe. I will be in heaven when I show you more commercial looking layout with images. I am adding my Facebook so you can see the background page. 

  •                         “We acquire the strength we have overcome.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

MLK Jr. Holiday photography session with fashion model Crystal and E37 Photography

It was a wonderful day to photograph outside on the beautiful Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday in Tucker, Georgia outside Atlanta. E37 Photography traveled to meet Noel who is the father of Crystal a lovely model. There were other photographers on location at Arthlene Laudat Legair Designer. All the fashion designs were lovely. Some casual and others were more formal. Crystal had plenty of company with make up artists and hair people. Since the weather was so nice outside, we photographed her in the front of the store.The rest of the time we photographed in the store.
Fashion photography is so colorful it takes your breathe away each time. Crystal looked different with changes in fashion, make-up and hair styles. It was a very relaxing atmosphere. Each photographer took turns taking photographs. Her dad said that some of the images will be in publication. Who knows you might see E37 Photography in the media again. Check out the designer t-shirt Crystal wears by Arthlene Laudat LegairDesigner. www.legairbrandltd.com

Photographer captured this pose for the romantic lovers in world

Here is the black background version of Crystal in red dress

The next image was photographed the same day at the fashion store but was more complex to work. The model was posed in this long flowing gray dress but the detail conflicted with the extra clothes on the racks. The foreground and the background were too busy. The photographer decided to Photoshop out all the busy details of the clothes in the background. Since her dress was gray in color combinations. The photographer thought of grey clouds. He saved a jpeg image from Internet and added it to the background. The photographer used several selection methods in Photoshop which took time but it was worthwhile in the end. This imagine became the most popular of all images on Facebook compared to the other model look she  posed. Crystal's family liked it and the image was shared several times on Facebook. E37 Photography shared this image on Facebook along with other Internet social media places. The photographer believed it was possible. The hard work of combining the model posed in grey dress and unique grey clouds matched in perfect harmony. See this image below. The hard work did pay off with this project.

Hello Folks, Ralph Williams the photographer is back again with another sample of model Crystal at Arthlene Laudat Legair Design. She was wearing a lovely pink dress sitting on a sofa in front of clothes in the store. The focus was on her wearing the clothes not the background of clothes hanging up on the rack along with pictures,etc. Yes, pink clouds exist so they were used in the background to match her dress. Who would imagine that she would be posed in two separate cloud images~pink and gray.

Before and After results

Crystal was photographed in a retail fashion store with black and white background change from color. The photographer did this to distort the busy background of colors.The color foreground of the model is now the central focus of the image.