Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Success in The City Fashion Event @ Atlantic Station 2014

E37 Photography by Ralph Williams photographed Success in the City Fashion show presented by the Event & Fashion Show class. Dr. Courtney A. Hammonds hosted a viewing audience of over 200 + people, student volunteers (over 70 from AIA-Decatur and Dress for Success), entertainment (Amber Harris and Collective Element)   models,  Gap Inc. brands , Paul Mitchell,  Strip restaurant, Atlantic Station (staff) and strategic nonprofit Dress for Success. The slide show music by Dominic Amato "Out The Gate" provide music added in the slideshow provided some smooth jazz sounds as the models walked the runway. Some of the images that followed are a representation of the show events. The event ended after the sunset at Atlantic Station with a definite change in the atmosphere of the program from light to dark. Camera lights were necessary to complete the job as the models walked the runway with only the red lights on the runway floor to support them. The lights of the skyline office buildings provided a spectacular backdrop of glittering lights in sky.

Amber Harris and The Collective Element 

The photograph below is a collage of the volunteers who supported the fashion show. They wore black so they were easy to spot all around the area fenced off from the regular public. Seats were arranged on both sides of the runway with white chairs. Before and in the middle of the fashion event the musical group Amber Harris and The Collective Element performed. They also had a dj playing music before and during the breaks. The show ended with some of the sponsors on stage handing out papers to the students who finished the course from the Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur. The school directors and a member representing the Gap clothing company were on the stage to talk. Everyone was very happy and smiling with the scene of a college graduation. I am sure there were many satisfied family members, and friends in the audience who came out for support.

Dr. Hammonds

Volunteers from Art Institute Atlanta-Decatur and Dress for Success