Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Black white image of fashion designer and model with three different poses. Photo manipulation done to all images

The designer is Ann Mitchell of Noir Fashion House in Atlanta. E37 photography captured images of her in a 3 million dollar mansion in Atlanta for the Casino Royale style fundraising benefit for BoySpeakOut, Inc.  Read dealer and poker tables were in the room below were guest gamble away for enjoyment. The three images displayed came from different shots. The thought of isolating her in the middle of the room appears as that she came out of the doors in the back. This image gave me a little practice on brushing up on my Photoshop skills. The dimension size of the image is 640 x640 pixel which is the perfect size to post on Instagram. It also gave an opportunity to sport the company logo in red,black, and white. You got to brand when you can. One day there will be many people in the country to recognize the logo of E37 Photography. Does it look a little like 007 from the James Bond movie?

In this image, I added the designer logo to the side of the room. Now notice the cords on the wall and the gentleman on the couch. They were remove from image to eliminate the clutter

The last image shown with no cords and no couch