Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Photograph on E37 Photography YouTube Channel from the Taste of the Runway Atl

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This photographed image shown with the YouTube logo  was displayed to announce to the viewer that this model was photograph in a dramatic fashion show in Atlanta by E37 Photography. The photography images were photographed without the use of electronic flash. Thankfully the event at the Taste of the Runway Atl provided enough stage lights to accomplish this feat. You are looking at the image. What do you think? I set the Canon 70D to 1600 iso with allowed the color to show brilliantly from the stage. The purple stage light also provided more excitement to the stage. I really enjoyed this experience since I could photograph freely without waiting for a flash to recycle. I was able to photograph multiple images. At the end of the program, one of the stage lights blew out. Some of area of the stage limited my work because of darkness. Overall, I worked where the light was best. Watch some of the models from the show wearing amazing hairstyles and exotic clothing.