Monday, September 8, 2014

BoysSpeakOut,Inc Fundraiser hosted by actor Lammand Rucker covered by E37 Photography for Blink Magazine.

Lammand Rucker, actor and philanthropist, hosted the Casino Royale fundraiser for the BoysSpeakOut,Inc. organization in Atlanta. The guest arrived dressed in black attire and played Las Vegas style casino set at mansion in Atlanta, Georgia.

Posters of the James Bond movie Casino Royale were displayed prominently at the entrance of the mansion.

This is the photographer's favorite image of the fundraiser event for the BoysSpeakOut,Inc. organization which really shows the essence of the evening. The lovely lady looked amazingly awesome in her own original dress design. In that moment in time, she blended in well with the contemporary elegance of the house. Ann Mitchell in the images is the owner of Noir House where she designs men and ladies fashions.

Carole Holmes, the publisher of Blink Magazine posed here with Mr. Rucker for photographers.

The guests were all around the mansion that night. The atmosphere was calm but exciting especially when the games began in the casino. Let the games begin. You will notice professional workers in full attire operating as they would in Las Vegas or a similar casino.

This was indeed an interesting adventure. Photographers like myself do not often photograph casino games in a mansion worth over $3,000,000 dollars