Monday, September 1, 2014

Dragon Con Parade 2014 downtown Atlanta 2014

All images captured by E37 Photography by Ralph Williams, Photographer 
Link to over 200 images

I recently attended the Dragon Con parade in downtown Atlanta. I arrived about 9am before the start time at 10am. I was shocked at the huge number of people already in position to watch the parade. I walked and walked and eventually compromised with a spot where I stood behind four rows of people.  The people sitting were ok but I expected to stand the duration of the parade. The couple standing in front of me meant I would have to aim my camera between their heads. I got a big break. The couple decided to move which allowed me a better view. My main concern was the direction of sunlight in front of me. I knew I would have to aim away to prevent camera glare. I stood in the area of the parade where it was close to the end route. When the people in the parade finally arrived the fun began. I knew I would see many colorful elements from the character clothes, cars, makeup,etc. In case you did not know, Dragon Con is an annual event held in a large Atlanta hotel where actors, comic book collectors, costume companies, film makers, etc. meet to celebrate the industry. I made a link of over 200 images of the parade. You can view from the Flickr link on this page. I will post a few here a samples.

Visit the link by clicking the link below