Monday, August 31, 2015

Body Painting in Grant Park Atlanta Georgia

Rock by Body Painting artist: Synth Maria
Mud by Body Painting artist: Betina Bailey

Summer Shade Festival #JeepSummer #Jeep #Terrain options in their vehicles. Depictions on #models by #Bodypainting #Artists from #Atlanta. From left to right SAND> Rio Sirah,WHITE SNOW> Rosemary Kimble, BLACK ROCK> Synthe Maria, and MUD> Betina Bailey. Congratulations to the super talented artists for making these model look like earthy creations. Special thanks to the models as well for being so gracious in #GrantPark with and Jeep #JeepInc. Photography by
— with Rio Sirah, Rosemary Kimble, Synthe Maria and Betina Bailey at Grant Park, Atlanta.

Jeep models terrains: sand, snow, rock and mud