Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Talento Latino Atlanta Fashion Event

 Talento Latino Atlanta 5th Year anniversary was a time for friends, families and associates to come together to celebrate. The fashion show was the main attraction but there was plenty of excitement  in the air everywhere you could see. Read the rest of the review in this pictorial. Special thanks to Violeta Perez, staff, supporters, models, fashion designers, DJ music, singers, dancers, make-up artists,  hair stylists, fashion stylists, photographers, food and beverage servers,vendors,parents, friends,guests and many more not mentioned. E37 Photography mission was accomplished with our theme "Come Witness Uniqueness From Our Eyes To Yours". It is our photography company's mission to share with you the best must see people and places in Atlanta, Georgia. This event rose to the occasion. If you were there or not, you will see a glimpse of this wonderful event. It was always a pleasure to meet old and new friends and acquaintances to capture fond memories through photography.

Thalia Contreras

Fashion by Vivian Dinkins-Stith

Isaul Jewelry Designer H&B Jewelry

Violeta Perez and Danae Tapia Mom

Expo Mujer

Greg George and associate with H&B Jewelry




In Atlanta and many cities in the United States, it is very noticeable that the Latino presence has become a norm in United States. When I opened my photography studio in Hapeville, Georgia, I was fortunate to know some Latin American people. I thank them for their support. My first two models were two Latino females Nicole Salas and Danae Tapia photographed by E37 Photography. Special thanks to their parents for bringing them out to Hapeville, Georgia for the photo shoot. I have made more associates in the photography network since I started the new company in 2012. When I heard the announcement of this event, I decided to come out and show my support by photographing activities of the 5th year anniversary of Talento Latino Atlanta.

Is was about two years ago since visited the school for models for a Christmas photo shoot. On this visit, I wanted to capture images of the social and fashion event. I started by meeting the vendors and sponsors who were situated with tables and displays in a room just before the area of the fashion runway. Everyone was dressed nicely and ready for the occasion. I photographed some images with my I-phone and obtained names from the vendors to post to E37 Photography's social media. I learned that it is a good way to expose my followers to a preview of the event before I would return to the studio to post the images from my Canon cameras. I use a Apple computer with Aperture software which makes it easy for me to sort through images. You will see samples of this festive event where music was heard through out the event. Dancing and singing were performed during the fashion breaks. There were many photographers in the room. I hope you enjoy my view of the beautiful people mainly from around the local Atlanta Metro area.

Leron Harlem Sr.  Decarlo Kidz

Violeta Perez  of Talento Latino Atlanta with loved ones.

Nicole Salas
Danae Tapia

Judith Martinez Sadri

B&H Jewelry

Judith Martinez  Violeta Perez

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Ingrid Prado and Family

Grace Quijano worked camera