Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Angel On The Rocks

An angel can be used a symbol of divine order in your life. We work and play but everything ends up in a decision to do nothing or something. An effort to sleep takes energy when we need it to energize and restore our body while at rest. The mind continues on auto pilot while we sleep. Each action we take will ultimately be based on decisions. Some good and some bad. Walking the tightrope to get to the other side will take careful planning and careful steps. We fail some and win some but most of all must keep on going. I photographed a living angel as a reminder. Who or what guides you can make a difference. Make careful choices. Staying fit is one of them. Slow down and make the time.
 The model posed in the fitness photography session. Angels need exercise and rest in order to look their best too. All her muscles did not grow over night. Keep exercising, living right and you will be an awesome sight.