Sunday, March 29, 2015

Body Painting From Atlanta,Georgia E37 Photography by Ralph Williams

E37 Photography is fortunate to work in Atlanta, Georgia where there are artists who body paint. Each year the Living Art America host the North American Championship in body painting. Some people call it Body Art. It is extreme make up from head to toe which take 5 hours or more to complete. Each artist selects their idea to paint on the models. They also add elaborate head pieces and other accessories to complete the theme of the art work. They are judge after they finished time sessions. When the models finally make their appearance on stage, they usually perform with some type of entertainment for a audience. For example, ballet, skateboarding, singing and other varieties of entertainment. The 2014 scenes were held at the Atlanta Train Depot. The Healium Center is a local art center for artist in Atlanta. During their studio session, you may visit a find someone being body painted. Atlanta along with other city also have different events that feature body painting. This photographer sought to capture new and creative art work as seen on the human body.