Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Our New Baby Is On Arrival E37 Photography's New Website

If you are a parent, do you remember when your first child was born? Before that date arrived, months, weeks, days and even minutes were filled with anticipation. E37 Photography will soon give birth to a new offspring. The new website will launch soon. After long hesitation of the conception of this website for the Internet, the decision was made to emphasize the fact that over 60 percent of our viewing audiences used mobile devices to view our social media from sources like Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Flickr, etc. The website was designed for the mobile generation but at the same time will provide the same viewing experiences from the standard computer screen. Keeping with the trends that video presentations are increasing in popularity, we will share videos throughout the website to function as mini-chapters of people and place we photograph.
E37 Photography's theme is "Come Witness Uniqueness From Our Eyes To Yours". Our goals are to bring the experiences to the viewers whether it is an event, celebration, business venture, etc. We really can't predict the full outcome because we shall evolve over time with the emphasis on showcasing the exceptional. The video here is a sample of how they may be seen in various categories of the website. We hope you enjoy us when we launched into a world near you. Ralph E. Williams, Photographer