Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2015 Red Dress Party to Benefit the American Heart Association E37 Photography by Ralph Williams

The 7th Annual Red Dress Party held in Greater Metro Atlanta, Georgia. The proceeds donated to benefit the American Heart Association. Guess what was the most popular color of the night? The attendees wore all sorts of red dresses and the men wore a accent of red with their main colors black and white. This was the photographer's visit attendance to this event. The photographer knew some familiar faces from members who attended the Winter White Party in Atlanta. There were various set ups for photography. The main one was the infamous step and repeat with the company and organization logos, at another area a couch area with black background was very comfortable for several persons to sit. The hanging heart of balloons was chosen as photographer favorite position of the night. The red balloons blended and contrasted with the attendee attire for the evening. There were several rooms to explore. The VIP room where the lines were long for beverages and waitresses coming out every minute of with tasty food treats. Music filled the room with the dj but one main room had live music from a guitarist and singer. In the main room the committee celebration all the hard work that brought the event together. My favorite friend Jessica White was the host for the evening. A familiar face from her same role at the Winter White Party.