Saturday, February 21, 2015

MeMoonlight The Loc Whisper...Loc Artist/Model The ‪PiedmontParkPhotographyProject‬ in ‪Atlanta‬

Rocks. Rocks. Rocks. MeMoonlight The Loc Whisper...Loc Artist/Model stood and sat on them but she could not wear them out. She modeled in the backyard of the famous Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia. Not too many visitor ventured behind the park where this photographer captured the images you see here. The rock were planted to prevent erosion on the steep hill but it also provided a grand view for a photography background. The models and the different people are invited to participate in The Piedmont Park Photography Project. So far marvelous images were captured and hopefully many more will follow. Selena's black outfit and tutu made a nice contrast against the rocks. This is the second mention of this particular area of Piedmont Park

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