Thursday, February 19, 2015

Selena Loc HairStylist Models in the Piedmont Park Photography Project captured by E37 Photography Atlanta,Georgia

This blog shows a variety of images photographed of model Selena. She is an expert hairstylist who wore three different type of clothing with three scenes. You be the judge of what you like the best. The photography on the rocks in the background was an interesting location to photograph the subject especially since she wore black which contrasted well with the grey colored rock that looked like a stairway to the top of the hill. The pink dress worn with the trees and limb had no real greenery since it was winter time. The pink look very calm and Selena elegantly posed with the scenery. The last set of images were photographed as the sun set. Selena worn here grandmothers own dress which was very sentimental to her. I used an electronic flash to add light since the light there was no sunshine. It turn out well without the glaring burst of lights from electronic flash making the scene look artificial. We did all three shoot in a short about of time because of Selena experience posing and the assistant of her makeup artist Shontrese Henry. It was then time to pack up and leave the friendly grounds for another return visit. Where and who will it be? It is the photographer wish for the new images on the return trip to be just as exciting. Thank God for the weather to cooperate for us in the winter time.