Friday, December 19, 2014


 The 2014 Winter White Party in Atlanta  Dominated the News of E37 Photography's Instagram 

Imagine yourself surrounded by a sea of people by over thousand dressed in mostly white clothing. Some people attended the event in costumes, body painted, crazy hats, angel wings. Well, you were not in heaven you were at the 2014 Winter White Party in Atlanta, Georgia. Well over a thousand folks enjoyed themselves with variety of entertainment like Aeriel acts from the ceiling, pole dancing, colored swirling hula hoops, break dancers, jazz saxophonist, hundreds of beautiful models and more. Hundred of cameras in the room firing at every minute. More than one room had different activities on two floors. You could travel easy by escalators or steps without missing a beat. Cameras crew roamed the room for live interviews on the spot. This indeed was a very visual affair. It seems that most people enjoyed themselves watching the audience participation on the dance floors as well as the stage events. Hope you enjoy the images.