Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sonia Booker TV Launch Party in Atlanta, Georgia

Sonia Booker, author,speaker and wealth builder launched a new television series at her home base, the Loft, in the Castleberry district of Atlanta.  The guests mixed and networked at this event during breaks of the television taping. Several speakers spoke during the event while the audience listened to every word spoken. The audience also had a chance to participate similar to typical talk shows. Ms. Sharon Frame encouraged the audience involvement with her elated spirit before Ms. Booker spoke to the audience and guests during the taping. Ms. Booker is a rising star in Atlanta. In the year 2014, her image was displayed on a large electronic billboard at the corner of one of the busiest areas of Atlanta on Peachtree Street. Ms. Booker has received numerous awards while being recognized on the front covers of magazines and books. She is a dynamic and friendly person to know among the ranks of who's who in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sonia Booker during live taping

Sonia Booker and Sharon Frame

Sharon Frame with audience

Sonia Booker

Sonia Booker interviewer

Sonia Booker

Sonia Booker Team Members