Thursday, May 28, 2015

Atlanta Carnival 2015 Parade Decatur Georgia May 23, 2015 Saturday

Before writing this blog page, the photographer discovered that it is a good thing to post events  on a timely basis. He tried to find a post on the timeline of blog story for a body painter. He could not find the right post. This lesson served as a reminder to  current record dates and write more often about each key photography event. This writing process does take time but it is necessary to keep good records of flowing events and reminder to document important dates.

This blog displays very colorful images of mostly African American celebrating their Caribbean Carnival on the streets of Decatur which is a suburb city of Atlanta. The photographer decided to photograph the Decatur event for the first time. He had planned to photograph the usual Caribbean Carnival festival in Atlanta. From learning only a week early that a new group started another festival association in the Decatur. A decision was made to try a this new event. The group appeared younger compared to the Atlanta Carnival group. Both events were held on the same Saturday of Memorial weekend. This caused much confusion on deciding where to attend. After reviewing the facts of the day, the Atlanta Carnival had a smaller parade members. The Decatur parade  members appeared much larger with many varieties of colorful costumes. Loud music trucks fill the air with  vibrant  vibrant music. The party began in the parking lot before the members feet touched the parade street that started from Covington Highway and ended at Kensington Marta Station for the festival location. From viewing the stage and ground areas on the Internet, the grounds appeared smaller compared to location in Atlanta. The Atlanta Carnival reached large numbers based on viewing the posted images on the Internet. The Atlanta group had a least three live radio stations broadcasting on remote. The Decatur group had more participants in the parade. The conclusion is that some of the Decatur people may have left to attend the Atlanta festival to pack the  the Fourth Ward District festival setting. Well, now let's show the parade images.  More than 450 images were posted for your viewing.

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The church parking space and other neighbor businesses provided ample space to park. Trying to decide how to photograph the people to eliminate the shadow on the faces took a some minutes to figure out what were the best setting.Using a flash would fill in the shadows. The ladies whore elaborate head pieces that cast shadows. After a few test,  the camera setting were set without the use of flash aperture setting were open larger than normal to give the faces more light at the risk of create more highlight in the background.

Since there were many images photographed, we will show a part two. More scenes will be revealed from the street. You see a lot of partying in all areas of the street. Just follow the large music truck.