Friday, May 15, 2015

Mayor Kasim Reed visits the opening of the new headquarters of Porsche Cars North America

The press conference began in the morning at the Porsche Car headquarter in South Fulton, Georgia. All members of the Porsche organization were ready including Governor Deal. Mayor Reed would soon arrive to start the press conference which was filled with many press writers, camera men, and photographers. The men faced the front of the audience described. The executives sat in front of a large horizontal window with the view of the Atlanta Airport in the background.
After the press conference, the executives proceeded to the front of the Porsche Headquarters for a photography session. You could see the One Porsche Drive address name visible in the background.

Atlanta Mayor Reed visited the Porsche classic cars, reading library, and signed his autograph on the Porsche Car board.
 Mayor photograph his assistant
Later in the evening, the mayor enter the ceremony in the auditorium where he participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony.
Afterwards, he enter the stage and greeted the audience. He described the future expectation of the local surrounding areas as a result of Porsche being a need residence in South Fulton, Georgia.