Friday, October 24, 2014

Mehron posted E37 Photography image of the 1st Winner of the N. American BodyPainting Competition

Special thanks to Mehron one of the companies who sponsored The Living Art America N. American competition in Atlanta, Georgia. E37 Photography photographed many of the body painting artist use their product hours before the judging. The final photography images were taken after the body painter had a chance to showcase their models body art work with who walked the runway. Notable judges like Craig Tracy, Scott Fray, and Madelyn Greco where on hand for this world class body painting events. Mehron is scheduled to appear in Atlanta at the PMAC conference which invites members who use makeup and body paint for weddings,movies,body painting, etc. E37 Photography plans to photograph this event. Local body painting artist Stephanie Anderson is schedule to attend. She also participated in the Living Art America.

This is a recent example of Stephanie Anderson work at the Burlesque for Breast Event held in Atlanta, Georgia. The fire performer was painted live for audience to view.