Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Living Art America N. American BodyPaint Competition BodyArt Atlanta, Georgia

The Living Art America N. American BodyPaint competition reviewed artists and models in two categories Emerging and Professional Categories judge by world famous Craig Tracy, Scott Fray and other well known artists.  Atlanta, Georgia hosted the event at the Georgia Train Depot located in downtown Atlanta. The Saturday event began from 10 am to 12am. The artists painted the models for over 5 hours till judging time. Afterwards the models on  performed on a long runway which featured acrobatics, skateboarding,ballet dance and much more action. In addition to the elaborate body painting the some models and performers wore elaborate head pieces. Some head pieces had lights on top or inside them. Each model performed to their prospective theme. The photographers captured artists who covered models with spray paint guns, and paint brushes. The models used earplugs to listen to music and spent time on cell phone to stay occupied while enduring the long session.

The photographs that follow show notable well known body painters who worked as judges.