Thursday, July 10, 2014

GloAtl migrates to the West End of Atlanta, Georgia E37 Photography by Ralph E. Williams

gloAtl and Paper-Cut Collaboration:gestures that will soon disappear visit the historic West End Atlanta, Georgia.

 This is the theme of gloAtl's summer migration installment. The Historic West End District of Atlanta, Georgia was the first of the installment. The event started from 5:30pm to about 7pm. on a warm summer evening along Joseph P. Lowery Street. Most of the action was in Howell Park. If you were there walking along the street, you would see plenty of movement of the dancers performance in the park, sidewalk, in the fields. My favorite was the action on the yard of Hunter Street Baptist Church. As a photographer, extreme care was warranted because of the moving traffic. An Atlanta policeman worked at the event to make sure traffic would stop for watchers and dancers to cross the street. The dancers were very noticeable because they worn colorful dresses that reminded one of ladies at a prom event. They walked the down the sidewalk and performed in Howell Park and other area like a vacant lot field. The neighbors in the area participated in the performance in Howell Park. At one point the dancers performed near the outdoor basketball court but it did not stop anyone from doing what they wanted to do. It was very pleasant working under the shade at times but sometimes the areas were sunny which meant the photographer changes were made very quickly with camera adjustments to maintain proper exposure. There were no set places to be in the areas. It was important to look around and photograph different groups in a matter of minutes or you would miss the action. The West End installment was one of the best performance photographed by E37 Photography. More migration performance of gloAtl to be performed in Atlanta. Most of them will be full of surprises.