Friday, July 4, 2014

LOC LIVIN presents Loc Appreciation Day

The Loc Livin group presented the Loc Appreciation Day in Atlanta, Georgia. A variety  of speakers spoke on topics related to hair and health, etc. There were vendor who sold jewelry items, hair products,artwork,tattoos,jewelry and other items. Music could be heard throughout with the lady disc jockey with locs. Food and refreshments were served while people sat in the spacious area outdoor with a large water pool in view. There were many locs, and natural hair styles worn and photographed by E37 Photography. Ralph Williams, the photographer, especially enjoyed the lemon-mint drink. Most were very easy to photograph showing their many hair style. This video will allow the members who attended to review the event and others who did not make see what they missed. Based on the response from attendees, the event was a success for the first meeting. They mentioned planning to have a second Loc Appreciation in 2015.