Monday, August 4, 2014

Dr. Courtney A. Hammonds Birthday and Book Signing E37 Photography by Ralph Williams

E37 Photography presents the birthday celebration and book signing this the video.

This image was photographed at the end of the event in the lobby of the Susan G. Komen office in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Hammonds and executive director Cati Stone of the office.

Celebrating the release of his book "Reflections of Style a Philanthropic Glance at Art" and his birthday brunch called "Chapeaux & Champagne soiree". It was good to see a few people known by the photographer at this occasion. Ms. Dana Hill is wearing the hat behind Dr. Hammonds. He hosted an event for her called "The Black Doll Affair a brunch where members in her organization celebrate her organization called The Black Dolls with branches in Atlanta and other cities in the USA. She is also featured in the book. Ms. Norma Center standing next to her work with the Easter Seal of Atlanta. Her organization hosted a fashion event called "Fashion Uncorked". Dr. Hammonds was a co-host of the event.

Nice drinks and delights satisfied the guests appetites. 

Dr. Hammond has an unique way of engaging his audience with very lively talk and he is very easy to recognize members in the room which he did quite often. This image was photographed in the lobby of the Susan G. Komen center which is was known for promoting breast cancer. The pink color was displayed through the rooms in the office.

The live music was performed by the group called Last Chance Runaround, the acoustic folk of the 60's. 

In this photograph, Dr. Hammond is being sung to across the room by R&B singer Angie B.

The last image of this blog displays his mother on the left in yellow and aunt on the right of the photograph. Now you know were his get some of his great ideas for fashion. Dr. Hammond is an author, image expert, philanthropist, educationalist where he is an administrator at the Atlanta Institute-Decatur. Capturing memorable of events of this occasion was very special.