Monday, February 3, 2014

People You Need To Know Magazine Women's Magazine release party

E37 Photography captured the memories and moments of the Atlanta's People You Need To Know Magazine Women's Magazine release party at The Loft, an entertainment venue, located in the Castleberry Hills district in Atlanta, Georgia. The place was filled with industrious working men and women. The event honored the women in the magazine for their achievement. Anthony "SparkPlug" Thomas, Publisher spoke to audience about his mission with the magazine. Sonia Booker, entrepreneur, author, real estate investor, manager of the Loft, also spoke to the audience. Her images were featured of the front cover and inside of the magazine. The attendees networked as they discussed the photographs and articles in the magazine. The ladies in the magazines personally greeted and signed the magazines for supporters. There were occasions when ladies featured in the magazine were photograph holding magazines showing the front cover or the inside of magazine pages where they were showcased in photographs and write ups. The ladies were featured in magazine for achievement in various areas such as law, beauty industry, human resources, culinary arts, health, real estate, event planning, catering, insurance, stock market, etc. Many of the women are speakers and authors of their own books. The magazine featured very colorful images and layouts from various locations around Atlanta, Georgia. The words "Connect & Rise Up" were well stated on the top of the 2014 calendar located near the end of the magazine. The meeting had many photography opportunities to remember the occasion and share the spirit of the event.