Monday, April 1, 2013

The model is Remeshia Hall. RunwayInk gave a photo shoot for the model in the upcoming event called the Women Empowerment Fashion Event in Atlanta,Ga. starting April 18, 2013  I am a photographer who volunteer for this just to meet the coordinator of the fashion show. I am going to work backward in time on my blogs explaining what you missed . I got so caught on Facebook,Twitter and I am crazy to leave my blog here standing alone. I have taken some cool images such as the one you see here. The building is under construction will be an art and wine gallery. The size of place is 3600 square feet and it was my old photography studio. I used most of the room but it never reached the potential I dreamed. It is a dream to be back in the studio. The window lights really helped my photo session which began from about 11:30-3:30pm. I was very tired in the end. I prayed to God to guide me in this endeavor and he gave me this opportunity. I think this is a confirmation for me to finish the mission. I started 10 years ago. I will feature images here until I find a new home.