Monday, August 8, 2016

Kylie in The Peachtree Street Project in Atlanta

This is a review of images featured on YouTube of E37 Photography captures from The Peachtree Street Photography Project in Atlanta. The female model appeared in various location on the street in midtown Atlanta.

Kylie Davis has long curly natural hair. She is a young teen female model who posed on the street and surrounding areas. Colony Square is near 14th Street where large block letter spelled out Midtown

The next location Kylie appeared in a pants and top near 17th and Peachtree Street in Midtown. One of the interesting features shown are the vehicles traveling down the street.

All of the above video are shown from E37 Photography Youtube channel. The project features many type of platforms and people from downtown to midtown Atlanta. The goal is to photographer over a hundred participants along the street. This will be a great way to discover scene in Atlanta. In social media like Facebook, Instagram and others the common hashtags to look for are #PSPPATL, #chooseatl, and discoveratl. Come back to this blog to see more or visit our website for more link information. E37 Photography