Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Southern Barter Club Year End Bash

Look who attended at the SBC event. The one and only Stepp Stewart the creator of "A Soulful Christmas" in the image above posed with his dance group "The Chocolettes" who also performed dance routines at the event. They are scheduled for several performance in Atlanta during the month of December 2015.
(SBC) Southern Barter Club Year End Barter Bash displayed all types of items for shopping on barter: food and desserts, baskets, sports memorabilia, watches, signs, clothes, minks coats, exercise equipment, artwork, chiropractic service, massage therapy and much more. SBC members used virtual trade dollars en lieu of cash.

Fashion designer and founder of Euriel, an African publication, posed with Laurie C. Sossa, CEO of the SBC.
Performing artists were scheduled throughout the event while people watched and listened, tasted food and shopped at The Metropolitan Club in Alpharetta, Georgia.

If you want more information about the SBC,  contact Ms Laurie C. Sosso, the director at Southern Barter Club for more information and membership.

YouTube Video of SBC Bash