Monday, June 1, 2015

The Little Black Dress Party in Atlanta, Georgia E37 Photography

E37_Photography photographs models and chairpersons

On that night, the women and men who wore black came out for entertainment with a spirit of philanthropy. The third annual Little Black Dress Party located in an Atlanta lounge called the Tongue and Groove was filled mostly on the first floor. The venue with the catchy name received the guests who for the evening for a night of fun and giving. The Make A Wish Foundation of Georgia benefiting children with life threatening diseases was the main intent of the night. The event had a Hollywood feel of a premiere or an award show. Outside the front door, the fireworks began on the red carpet with photography opportunities. Tonight everyone appeared to be star. Was there something special about people wearing black? Not to get off the subject but the emotions for this event where completely the opposite of a funeral. People were smiling and laughing continuously everywhere. The venue had a huge bar in the center of the room with lounge areas on the top and the bottom floors. Maybe, the liquid spirits had a little something to do with the extra smiles. If this event only served water the spirits would have remained high.
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  The Make A Wish Foundation of Georgia traditional  blue colors were scattered all around the room. An area in one corner was set aside for a silent auction table. The fashion show with designers and models dressed in black would make the singer Johnny Cash happy a person wearing his traditional black colors while he performed his songs. The beautiful models looked shimmering under the spotlights of the venue. They all looked glamorous wearing distinct fashion dresses from the different designers. Four fashion designers had at least two-three models who walked from the second floor down to the first floor and then to a stage in front of the audience. The show moderator and chairperson happily assisted them while they showcased their fashion styles. At the end of the model walk, each model passed around baskets that you would see in a country church. The models flowed through the sea of the crowd greeting everyone to give a donation. When the images of the event were posted on the Internet the day after the event, many viewers commented that they liked what they saw from the occasion. We live in an age of advanced technology and communication. With this in mind, people all over the country had a opportunity to relive this marvelous event for charity. If you would like to view the images from this event, we have shared over 100 photography images for your viewing pleasure from E37 Photography website.
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