Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cross Appears in the Evening Sky and Old Tree in Hapeville, Georgia

The image you see was photographed with an Apple iPhone. While walking back to E37 Photography studio from a restaurant in Hapeville, Georgia after eating some barbecued chicken wings and potato salad. I glanced upward to photograph the sky around 6:30pm est. I did not notice till later that a resemblance of a cross appeared. Is this a sign of better days ahead. I would like to believe my faith to be on the positive side. 

The image below was taken on the street on Virginia Avenue around 7pm est in the city of Hapeville, Georgia which was found in 1891. There are plenty historic places to see as well as modern areas. Delta Airlines and the new North American headquarters of Porsche are all in the city. This image represent the nostalgic past of the old days. If you walk across the street, you will see some of the Delta Airlines headquarters and parts of the Atlanta Airport.

E37 Photography by Ralph E. Williams