Monday, October 21, 2013

Fashion Designs by Ingried Ramirez and Susan Mucino

E37 Photography attended the Collision Course Music Fashion Series 8 at the 595 North Event Center in Atlanta, Georgia October 13, 2013.  The event featured music performers and the fashion show. The audience waited for a real treat when each models made a grand entrance to the stage walking down the aisle where the crowd had a quick glimpse of the details of black, gold, and white fashions that soon hit the stage under the bright light. The music heard was very majestic as each model took their turn walking to the front and the back of stage. At the end of the show the last models appeared in flowing dress with patterns a little different from the other fashions. Fashion designer Ingried Ramirez designed the black and gold fashions. Susan Mucino designed the black and white and the flowing patterned dress. 

Fashion Designer ~Ingried Ramirez

Fashion Designer~Susan Mucino

The Closing