Saturday, June 1, 2013

Atlanta Caribbean Carnival May 25, 2013 Memorial E37 Photography

Dwight Eubanks a very popular Atlanta socialite leads off the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Parade

The lovely Ms. Universe Bahamas rides the parade route with a beautiful smile 

This lady was turning and turning with amazing energy. She had to be in great shape to complete the parade route. I hope they gave her water on the way. What would she do if she had to go to the restroom?

Love the red and aqua color in this group. They were all so colorful.

The gold man was throwing powder on everyone. Look at this lady reaction!

The gold man was talking and interacting with everyone. Can you imagine this lady traveled the parade route with the baby carriage.

Plenty of water and energy needed to last this parade route

The Gold Man was my favorite in the parade. He walked up to me for a closeuo

The Caribbean folk were everywhere in the street running along side of vehicles

This group wore my favorite color combination